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Paul Schultz

 Paul Schultz heads up the business side and creative directs Emoto's staff of composers, producers, music supervisors and freelancers.  He would have never predicted that a summer internship at Emoto (then Admusic) would send him away to a graduate assistantship at the University of Northern Colorado with an invitation back after completion--full time with the company after earning my master's degree.  Paul was originally hired as a music contractor and was named executive producer in 2003.  Paul's first project supervising music production and sound was on the Gap--a three-spot package 'Everybody in Cords,' 'Everybody in Leather' and  'Everybody in Vests' where instrumental tracks were produced by the Dust Brothers with on-camera talent singing live on stage to earbud feeds of the track.  Since then he's worked on campaigns for virtually every major brand including Nike, Adidas, AT&T, Apple, the recent Chevy Carbon spots.  In addition to a world-class community of staff and freelance composers, Emoto also does music supervision, but one of their strong suits and their passion is placing emerging artists in national advertising campaigns.  With Opus Orange, Emoto has licensed songs globally and nationally for major brands and they have just placed Ojai artist Emy Reynolds in a new campaign for Glade.  Emoto sets up intimate screenings in advertising agencies to showcase authentic, emerging and relevant talent to the advertising community and they have successfully and constantly placed artists in high-profile, successful campaigns that last.
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