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Marisa Mastroianni Davis

 Brushing aside her post-collegiate political aspirations and a position for a U.S. Congressman, Marisa chose to dive headlong into a more honest and direct brand of politics ... advertising!  Cutting her teeth on large national accounts at international agencies as well as specialized boutique firms, Marisa would later rise to the position of Executive Music Producer at Wojahn Bros Music (WBM) for more than eleven years.  At WBM, she acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to understand and work with the music industry’s national Performing Rights Organizations. She then joined forces with fellow music producer Megan Samuelian to found the Windfall Agency, a company designed to be a full-service Royalty Collection company.  The Windfall Agency is dedicated to the fair and accurate acquisition of royalties for its deep roster of TV and commercial music composers and publishers.  Marisa's advertising experience ensures the proper administration of their clients’ hard work and creativity, and its full financial potential.
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